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July 2023 Newsletter

Greetings All!

Summer is rolling fast as per usual. I hope everyone is enjoying the great weather we have been having and getting outside. There are a few things I need to discuss about scheduling and dates coming up in July and August. I also want to take some time and talk about the new direction I would like to take my practice in the coming months/years.

First off lets talk about July. I will be closed July 3rd and 4th and reopen on the 5th. Second I will be closed July 20th and 21st. Last fall I was asked to join the Muddy 4 A Cause Board. We host an annual 10k mud run obstacle course with all proceeds going to Brave The Shave. This money goes directly to families in ND that are affected by cancer in children. The money can be used for medical, food, housing, groceries, utilities, or whatever else they might need. Anyone can donate and all donations are tax deductible. Just visit their website 2023 Muddy 4 A Cause – Brave the Shave to get started.

Next, Fall is coming and that means fall sports. This means football will be starting and I will be starting my 13th season as high school football coach. Starting August 7th, I WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AFTER 4PM for appointments. I know this will cause some inconveniences and I apologize ahead of time for that.

The next part of fall is getting your fall athletes scheduled for appointments. I am currently booking into August already so if you would like, or you’re interested in your child receiving treatments during the fall please contact me asap to get them scheduled out.

Lastly this brings up my schedule. As noted above I am booking out 3 to 5 weeks right now. I am always working to squeeze clients in sooner, but the best practices are to book appointments ahead and be proactive not reactive. Regular appointments yield far better results than random visits when you need them.

This Is a great point to talk about where I want my practice to go in the coming months/years. I am working to reinvent the public perception of massage therapy. Typically, massage is seen as a 1-hour appointment where you disrobe, lie down on a table, soft music, relaxing smells, and dimmed lights. There is nothing wrong with this and as a matter of fact I love relaxation massages. But let’s say client A comes in with low back pain and that’s all they want addressed. If I as the practitioner just work on their low back for 1 hour, they will leave sore and be sore the next day. More than likely there was too much work done in a small area at one time. I like to think of it as “overdosing” the tissue. Instead with client B I break that 1 session up into 2, ½ hour sessions a few days apart. The client will not be as sore, and I believe this will yield superior results in the long term (based off my own in clinic anecdotal evidence). Other benefits include not having to disrobe, faster treatments, less time off work, higher available on my end for treatments. For my longer 1-hour sessions if I do them, I would like to use that time for more assessment and intake time before treating. Now don’t worry I will not be dropping my 1-hour appointments completely and this is a long work in progress and is just something that I am striving to attain as I reach new milestones in my career.

Later down the line I hope to develop my own CEU courses and try to teach other therapists about running a successful massage therapy practice.

So, that was a little update about what’s happening at Hands Made for Healing. Thank you all for taking the time to read. As always if you have questions please reach out. As always, thank you for your kindness and support over the years.

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