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June Newsletter

June Newsletter

Hello everyone! Summer has finally arrived or at least on

paper it has. Waking up at 4:45am to 35 degrees doesn’t feel like summer, but on the calendrer, we are practically there. To all you high school or college graduates congratulations on making it through big steps in your life. To the parents of recent graduates, thank you for supporting your kids every step of the way. Let’s get into the June newsletter!


With summer there might be some Fridays that are shorter or just taken off my schedule. As of now nothing set in stone. Check my

Facebook page weekly to stay up to date on which Fridays I will gone.

Massage News

Last month I told you guys I was doing Shoulder Jam. A 4 day long course with 12 of the best therapist in the country all talking about shoulders. Due to the time the zoom calls were happening I had to wait for the recorded classes when they are ready. I was bummed at first, but this gives me the chance to rewatch whatever I need when I need. I will be looking forward to putting some good hours into the home study course!

Supplement Talk

This month, going into what will soon be a good haying

season, I want to address some allergies. Since a very young age I have struggled with horrible allergies. I had to take Zyrtec, Flonase, and an inhaler almost daily during this time of year. I actually had some very close and sca

ry calls with not being able to breath, so I know all about seasonal allergies. In the last few years I have completely ditched those over the counter products (and prescription) for Tonic Sea’s Aller Pro. This stuff is

geared directly towards seasonal allergies. Things like runny nose, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, sinus pressure, plugged ears and trouble breathing. THIS

WAS ME. Since I have started using this product consistently I have no or very little symptoms anymore. Best part everything is natural.

Odds and Ends

This is an awkward and hard talk, but I feel like It needs

to brought up. Why do I require a credit card to book an appointment for new customers? Unfortunately, when I started this career 11 years ago I had many

bad experiences with customers not showing up for booked appointments. In the service industry, this means I made $0 dollars for that hour blocked. Fast forward to today and that still happens. Now I am not heartless and I understand things come up, family, health and many other things happen outside of our control. All I ask is a phone call within 2 days of missing the appointment and a simple sorry. Or even if you have to cancel or reschedule last minute I still will not charge because I was given the respect of a phone call. The appointment is forgiven and I DO NOT charge anything. After 2 days I will charge the card for the full missed amount. Rest

assured I have NEVER wrongfully charged someone and if a dispute is brought up and I am mistaken I have and will refund any charged amounts. So please remember to call, email, text, DM whatever it takes to get a hold of me or the office.

Summer performance classes for athletes grades 7-12 are

starting this week. We still have 6 slots open in our morning group. If you’re interested check out the website!

Same goes for our adult class. Our evening classes are full

but we would love to get some new faces into the morning

That’s all for now folks


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