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 "Nutri-Dyn's humble beginnings originated in 1973, by David Peterson, in his parent's garage. Soon thereafter his brother, Greg became part owner and managed the nutrition portion of the business to this day. Nutri-Dyn remains a family business consisting of dedicated friends with over 250 collective years of nutritional education and experience, and is intent on providing healthcare professionals with high quality nutritional formulas and the support to use those formulas, therapeutically. Nutri-Dyn distributes and manufactures a wide range of professional nutraceutical lines including Metagenics, Nutri-Dyn, Progressive Labs, DNA Labs, and others to meet the varied needs of healthcare providers, internationally." (

Nutri-Dyn and HMFH do not guarantee these or any supplements to cure and treat any sort of disease, condition, or ailment. Supplements offer an alternative path for a healthier lifestyle. For serious issues please consult with your doctor before going off any medication or ask for a recommendation to a professional.

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