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2022, The Messy Middle Year

Hello All!

This update has been a long time in the making, but I think I owe it to everyone who cares to read it ha. Last February, my good friends the Bells sold their chiropractic clinic and moved onto bigger and green pastures. Shortly after, Back in Balance Chiropractic took the place of the Bells. Little change happened for me for a few months aside from adjusting to new faces in the clinic. The new doctors were good to me and offered me a place to work as long as I wanted.

Then in April, I learned the space next door to me was becoming available to rent. This was my chance to spring into the next phase of my career and grow a small clinic of my own. The new location took many man hours to renovate, but with the help of my father-in-law we completed the project at the end of June. I welcomed 2 new therapists in with me and we haven’t looked back. But I am going to look back a little, back in April during our freak snow storm my wife and I welcomed our newest addition Rhodes Roy. Our little family of four turned to five and our lives became even more hectic than they were before. Baelee recovered fast and Rhodes has flourished. He is all smiles 24/7.

Jumping back forward again leads us into the fall and the meat and potatoes of my letter. In August, my schedule ballooned up. Those that have been faithful customers for me for the past 12 years will know I always had room and never had an extensive wait list. That all changed starting in June and reaching critical mass point in August. I went the summer and most of the fall doing 35 to 45 hours of massages appointments every week, cutting out my lunch breaks/workout time. And even with all this I was still booking out 3 to 5 weeks out. Now some look at this and say wow good job and yes it was great! I have always dreamed of being this kind of busy, but this all comes at cost. Mentally I was burning out and physically I was frustrated because my workout junkie self was being neglected ha. I was losing time for people that entrusted me for several years and I knew I would lose some.

In massage world, treatment is far more than just the physical part. A far bigger part is the relationship between me and my client. At some point, after seeing me long enough, a client passes from client to friend. They share personal details in their life, and I share mine, usually about our families and what’s going on with them. Sometimes conversations turn deeper and sometimes they are small talk. But the fact remains the relationship is deepened, and bonds are formed. So, when I lose a client for whatever reason, it is more than just a client or a customer, it is usually someone who I really care about.

Let’s fast forward and bring things to present day. My schedule is still very full, I still do 40 hours of appointments every week. I have drawn more boundaries as far as selfcare. I make sure I leave time for exercise and mental health. But with a full schedule that books out several weeks still, I know many people have moved on to other therapist, some have moved away, and sadly some have passed away. I miss many faces I use to often see and think of everyone often. And to those, I would like the thank you for the opportunity you gave me to give you care.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to those who stuck with me this messy year. It has been a rat race for sure and without great clients none of it would be possible. Thank you for booking out ahead and understanding I was/am doing my best. Thank you for baring with me during the sleepless nights with three under three at home. Thank you for referring your friends and family to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. After 7 months of not seeing so many faces, my gratitude for the faces I do get see and relationships I get have now has grown even more. And thank you for keeping your business loyalty with me and my table for all these years.

With the start of this new year, I have many big plans and treatments to expand upon. I am currently doing heavy research into near Infared therapy and blade tools. I have a nerve focused course coming this April with international lecture James Waslaski, to whom I have the privilege of being a teaching assistant with. I am always taking new clients. The nature of what I excel at is treating an injury and telling a client I do not need to see them once the injury is resolved. Breaking down biomechanics of what caused the injury or pain and reverse engineering to deliver long lasting treatments. This leaves many opportunities for new clients. This does not mean I do not do regular appointments. I love my weekly, biweekly, monthly and bimonthly clients so all you that applies to know your loved haha.

So please if you yourself or you have someone that you would like to refer reach out to me via phone or email. Let me know your looking and I WILL find time for them, (even if it means skipping a lunch or staying late) and I will put my 12 years of expertise to work for you and for them


Thank you for taking the time to read.

With love, humility, and gratitude

Josh Karey LMT

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