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Clinical Massage

Massage has long been thought as something for the rich and luxury life style. Only recently has Massage Therapy made leaps and bounds in the field of medical care. Massage is being used to treat ailments such as headaches, migraines, back pain, shoulder pain, and more. Many health professionals (Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, and Medical Doctors to name a few) are starting to refer more patients to Massage Therapist as alternative care options. Massage is a safe, healthier alternative to pain management and soft tissue injuries. 

All Massage is not the Equal

What is Clinical Massage Therapy? 

Clinical massage is much different than traditional massage. Using clinical assessment, such as that used by physical therapist and chiropractors, we are able to attempt to pin point the cause of your pain. I.E. Just because your lower hurts doesn't mean the problem is the is the muscles in your lower back. It could be several things causing your pain such as hypertonic hip flexors, weak core muscles, or inhibited glute activity to name a few. Along with therapy, we can offer basic strengthening, stretching, and nutritional supplement support to help keep you out of pain.

Sports Injury
Clinical Manuel Therapy

Orthopedic/Sports Massage

Therapy geared towards specific injuries or ailments. I use  the same or similar assessment techniques to find clinical reasoning why you are in pain and what I need to do to correct the problem. Also great for Nerve Related pathologies!


Pressure: is moderate to light with minimal discomfort involved.

Time: Typically 1 Hour

Session Layout: 15min Assessment, 30 Min Treatment, 15 Home Care Retraining

Prenatal Massage

Massage for mothers to be. Pregnancy can be physically demanding time for expecting mothers. Massage can offer safe and natural pain relief and management for common areas of discomfort such as the back and hips. This is usually light pressure for the safety of the mother and child. 


I use the Body Support System that is safe and effective for all stages of pregnancy. It even allows for the body work to be done FACE DOWN!. Check them out at Body Support System

Pressure: Light 

Time: 1/2 Hour to 1 Hour

Session Layout: 5 Min Intake, Rest of the session is hands on

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Relaxation Massage

Most basic type of massage for those who just need to relax and unwind. No spot specific treatment pressure is at the discretion of the patient. Can typically be broken down into upper or lower body except in the case of a 2 hour treatment. NO Orthopedic work done. 

Pressure: Patient Discretion 

Time: 1/2 Hour, 1 Hour, 1.5 Hour, or 2 Hour

Session Layout: 5 Min Intake, Rest of the session is hands on