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December 2023 News Letter

Hello all and welcome to the end of the year! Congratulations on making it to the end of another hectic year. Thank you all for the continued support this year. Our little clinic has been buzzing with customers and Tess, Amanda, Brian, and myself (Josh) are truly appreciative of every one of you. We are grateful you entrust us with your pain management care and look forward to 2024 and seeing what comes our way.


First things first, we are going to be doubling down on “No Show” policies. We are all very busy booking weeks in advance now. We are asking for 24 Hour notice at a minimum. I know things happen, but please try to be respectful and cancel ahead of time so we can fill the appointment with our waiting list. Below is the policy in our agreement form and posted in our office.

1.     We offer text/email reminder services at no cost. They also integrate with most phone calendars, so please take advantage so you do not forget appointments.

2.     Appointments not cancelled within 24 Hours or “No Showed” are subject to a 100% payment fee at the discretion of the therapist.

3.     We reserve the right to refuse service If continued repeat offenses happen.


I (Hands Made For Healing) plan on switching to Square payment systems January 1st. This is so I can have a physical card reader present. CC fees for small businesses continue to rise and having a reader on sight cuts the fees down by over ½ percent. I am trying to avoid charging a “cc service fee” and this is an option to try to avoid doing that. This really will not affect you as the consumer more of just a FYI. On that note, we all happily accept checks and cash as these have no fees attached to them.


A couple new treatments we are offering at in the clinic:

1.     Soft Tissue Therapy. These are short sessions (20min to 30min) designed to target specific areas and or problems. The practitioners will use hands on therapies along with cupping, stretching, blading, Micro Current, and active release techniques to get you up and moving. One big benefit is you DO NOT need to undress. These treatments can be done through clothing, or you can come active wear. These pair great with Chiropractic adjustments as they are not as intense as a normal massage and do not invoke a big inflammatory response. Pressure used is often minimal with the client comfort at the forefront of the treatment.  So, if you are short on time and still want the benefit of quality, hands on soft tissue work done by professionals who do it for a living, then this is a treatment for you.  For the best results we recommend a minimum of 3 to 5 sessions. Package Purchases Available.

2.      Integrative Cranio Sacral Therapy. ICST-  this technique is used for finding and correcting cerebral and spinal imbalances or blockages that may cause sensory, motor or intellectual dysfunction. Very helpful for clients with sciatic pain and/or headaches. Increases range of motion (ROM) post injury. This appointment type is not available to be booked online, new patients if you are interested I must first assess you with one of my other massage techniques first to make sure you are a good fit!


Next on my list I wanted to just list everyone in the office and booking information. Things are always changing around here and not everyone may know who is all here and what treatments they are offering.

1.     Josh Karey LMT,CPT  (Monday-Friday 6am to 4pm) Book Online Here

Currently I offer the new Soft Tissue Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage Cupping and Micro Current. I am still accepting new clients 5 days a week. I am also open to taking new Personal Training Clients if they are a good fit for my schedule as my availability is limited there. If you are interested in a discount and a small group (1-3) there are some options available.  I work out of The Iron Chapel in Dickinson ND.

2.     Dr. Brian Bell D.C. Book Online Here

Brian is currently offering the new Soft Tissue Therapy, Supplement Muscle Testing, and Nutrition/Supplement Counseling. Brian is here on an as needed basis so scheduling ahead is a must. Brian is currently accepting new clients.

3.     Tess Gaugler LMT (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in Dickinson) (Thursday and Friday in Beulah) Book Online HERE for Dickinson and Visits Tess's Facebook for updates HERE

Tess is currently in the process of opening her new clinic in Beulah ND as of January 1st. She is still seeing clients in Dickinson for now, but that may change in the future. She will keep you up to date on that as it develops. If you have friends around the Beulah area, please let them know about Tess so she can get her new business off the ground and running. Tess offers Deep Tissue, Relaxation Massage, Prenatal, and Cupping Therapy.

4.     Amanda Reimer LMT (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) Book Online HERE

Amanda offers Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and the new Integrative Cranio Sacral Therapy.

She is still accepting new clients, but the Cranio Sacral you must book a regular massage appointment first to see if you are good fit for the therapy. Amanda is accepting new clients.


One final thing to impart to everyone before I go, massage is more than a once a month “treat”. So often I hear clients say “well this has been a problem for a few weeks and I have seen (insert other care here) a handful of times and I am just not getting any results”. From a massage standpoint this is where shorter sessions come in to play.  You get in, receive the work on the area you need, and you get out. Coupled with other therapies, this approach can greatly enhance your treatment outcomes.


Also, remember that HSA and FSA may cover the cost of your massage treatments.


I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.


From the Team:

Josh, Brian, Amanda, and Tess

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