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Are Detoxes Really Worth it ?

Are Detoxes Really Worth It?

January is a popular time for detoxes/cleanses. There are tons out there. Every major shake company or health program has one and promises big returns in short periods of time. On the other hand, I see a growing number of health professionals lobbing against these things. Which I agree, yes AGREE with 99% of them. In this blog I will be breaking down 3 major issues that get thrown against detox or cleanse programs. They are as follows:

1. Detoxes/cleanses are not healthy or sustainable means of quick weight loss

2. Detoxes/cleanses are expensive and in effective

3. Detoxes/ cleanses are not needed as the body does it on its own

Let’s tackle the first issue above. Detoxes/Cleanses are not healthy or sustainable means of weight loss. This is 100% TRUE. One should never enter one of these programs with quick and easy weight loss as the driver. Yes, you may lose some pounds, but it doesn’t mean it is good weight loss. A lot of it will be water weight with a mix of fat/muscle. For myself, I look at other things like better sleep, improved digestion/GI function, sharpness of mind, and better overall energy in my day. These are all real things that can be accomplished with a quality, science backed program.

The next subject is expense. This one is pretty simple. Yes, good programs can seem expensive but you get what you pay for. On the other hand it should not cost you a second mortgage either. It should be in the ball park of $130 for a 10 day program for the nutrition required (not including groceries). I am also not a fan of all liquid cleanses. They are cheap but lead to starvation practices which are not good at all. A good detox should never leave you feeling hungry or calorie capping you in a day. Done correctly, your body needs a lot of certain vitamins and minerals to get the job done so you should never feel like you are starving yourself.

Lastly, this is a big one here folks. You don’t need anything special as your body already detoxes itself via systems put in place by our creator like the kidneys and liver. This is a 50/50 question here. Yes our bodies our detoxing every day. If you are sweating, urinating, and having good quality (emphasis on quality) bowel movements then you are detoxing. So where do programs come into play. This is how I explain it to people. These systems require a huge number of resources to perform at 100%. The problem is they are competing with the rest of the body for the same resources. Furthermore important minerals and vitamins are depleted due to bad diet choices from sugary or processed foods. Going even further we live in a toxic world. Gas fumes, preservatives, chemicals, and so much more are thrown at us every day. Let’s take Magnesium for instance. This is a key vitamin/mineral for our bodies natural detoxification system. Trouble is, some studies suggest that up to 75% of the American population is deficient in Magnesium from food sources alone. Then if you add in the fact that Magnesium is needed in over 300 major chemical reactions in the entire body, one can start to see a problem. It is almost impossible to get what you need without some sort of supplementation. This is where a quality, science backed detox supplement program can be key. It tops the tank off so to speak so that for however long the program is you are getting everything you need to be running the assembly line at 100% efficiency.

Based on that third reason alone I choose to follow a solid program from company that dedicates time and resources to staying on top of the emerging science on the human body. Check the program out

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