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Supplements for Kids

Anyone who knows me well knows I am a hard supporter of supplements. We all should be supplementing a few basic things maybe more depending on our own personal health goals and needs. What most people do not know is that my kids also partake in supplements. Now before anyone gets rowdy keep on reading below to find out how I choose to aid my two son’s development.

I will start with my newborn Riven. Riven is very little right now but that doesn’t mean he is off the hook the here. Per recommendation of his doctor, little Riven is on a little dose of vitamin D3. Breast milk is almost perfect. It contains everything the baby needs for the first 6 months of life. Basically, if the mom is doing a good prenatal and eating a well-balanced diet the baby is covered in most departments. All except Vitamin D3 which has a host of health benefits, is found in breast milk or at least adequate levels. The second thing Riven gets is a liquid probiotic. Our gut bacteria are essential for our life. It represents 60% of our immune system along with, and according to some experts, is our second brain controlling complex reactions all through out our body. When we are born, we do not have any bacteria or very little. So, until Riven’s microbiome starts growing and is thriving and healthy he needs some help from a probiotic

Bennett on the other hand being almost 2 is a whole different story. He has two staple supplements he gets every day and literally has no idea they are “extra”. We mix Dynamic Fruits and Greens and Suppys Fish Oil in with a milk every day. I would guess he gets at least 1 full scoop of DF&G every day maybe more. Fish oil is essential for brain growth and development. The first several years of life sees the brain grow the most it will in a lifetime. Nurturing this growing organ will benefit him for years to come. Next Bennett takes to chewable probiotics. They have a great grape tart flavor, and he thinks they are candy. Now from the fruits and greens and his love of eating veggies as a whole his gut is pretty healthy, so probiotics are not needed if we chose. Finally, for his “juice” I give him little of Dynamic Hydrate and/or fruits and greens with water. The hydrate formula is basically Gatorade without the crap (Sugar, Fructose, Chemicals) It has a good dose of Magnesium which aides in bone/muscle development, hydration, and in some studies, it has been shown to affect mood. Those are the basics sometimes he gets a little protein shake, but I never force anything. Everything I listed above he thinks is just apart of normal life which I think is key.

Important notice. If your child has ANY underlying health conditions please talk to your doctor before trying anything new with your little bundle.

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