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October News Letter

BURR! Is it getting colder outside or is it just me? It is hard to believe I am sitting here writing my monthly letter once again. November is right around the corner and I hope everyone is making the best of the short fall season we have. Without further delay, onto the letter:


Football has sadly come to an early end for the Titan family. This means that my schedule has several more openings per week including a few later afternoon ones! Nothing else major to report on this front. To see all WEEKLY openings check my schedule out here on Facebook

November 28th and 29th I will be CLOSED for the Thanksgiving

Products of the Month!

With the weather turning south on us fast we find ourselves getting ready for cold and flu season! Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, and stomach issues are just a few things that pop into my mind. I always HIGHLY recommend Dynamic Fruits and Greens, Probiotic, and Vitamin D3 as a base for immune system bolstering but there are a couple more favorites that have ended up making a permanent spot in my supplement cabinet. Immune Support by Nutridyn and Immune Pro by Tonic Sea. For the kids, I like to suggest, along with fruits and greens, Suppys Multivitamin/Immune and Suppys Probiotic or another quality probiotic.

Click on the product to order! No minimums or subscriptions. Looking for something else? Shoot me an email or give me a call!

Training News

Online Training Available! I send you a 1 month program to follow and give you 24 hour access to myself for guidance. Check it out HERE

I have room for a few early AM appointments! 1on1 or grab a friend and share the cost for a competitive atmosphere. Find more out HERE

Other News:

I have my first CEU scheduled for next year. I will be traveling to Florida to learn Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy. Learn more about it here.

I also will be attending an annual Nutridyn Supplement education conference beginning of December

I have started recording some podcast! Feel free to give them a listen and they cost nothing!

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