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March Newsletter

Another month is here and I hope it finds you all in relatively good health and state of mind. February was a very busy month for myself, so as always thank you everyone who has trusted me with caring for your needs. To all of you that take the time to read this letter thank you as it means a lot to know some of you do and give me great feedback.


Here is a big one. My son Riven LeeRay has final arrived! Born February 24th at 4:24pm. The baby and mom are both doing wonderful. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as I take this time to welcome our newest edition into our lives.


Nothing super new in this department. Everyone is asking how far I am booked out or if I am accepting new patients a lot lately. Right now, I am working extremely hard and seeing extra clients to try and keep my waiting time down to 1 week. This does not mean that all times are available, but usually there is one to three spots open some place in the week for emergencies. The answer to the second question is a definite yes! I love seeing all my regular clients on repeating basis, but a true passion of mine is working with a client that has specific problem working through it and sending them home or referring them to the next step, when they are pain free. This allows me to have plenty of new spots open for new clients. Let us have a little case study below for clarity:

Case Study

I had a new client come in. Let us call him Bob. Bob came in after suffering over a year with chronic tight quads causing him a lot of discomfort sometimes even pain. He tried several things at home including stretching, self-massage, foam rolling, and exercise to alleviate some of the tightness he was feeling. Bob emailed me asking if I could help and the first thing I thought was yes. Massage can stimulate the nervous system to trick the muscles into relaxing. This is basic neuromuscular massage philosophy which has scientific evidence to support it. This might provide temporary relief which I knew. When Bob came in, I started with basic neuromuscular massage. The second half of the appointment I wanted to dig down to the why. I performed a simple static glute bridge test to see if his glutes/hamstrings were firing correctly. During this test, the client should only feel contraction in the glutes maybe a little in the hamstrings. Like most people, Bob felt this contraction in his quads, meaning his quads were working for his glutes and hamstrings. From here I showed Bob some simple exercises he should everyday to improve glute and hamstring function. 1 week later Bob came back and was much improved. 2 weeks after that all of his tension was gone and glute function was much improved. The final step was sending Bob out the door with a referral to colleague who is a personal trainer. I know and trust this person to basically progress what I had built. I have not seen Bob for quite some time, but he has been in contact and is doing wonderful with his trainer.

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Hope everyone has safe March. As always check me out at You can book appointments online, browse nutridyn supplements, or check out my other blogs.

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